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Early Winter Recordings

Released in an edition of 300 hand made copies. Available direct from Early Winter Recordings.

Here is what they have to say about it -

‚??Joshong‚?? is officially the fourth album by Mr James William Hindle (abeit a mini-album), but the music within is clearly not following a linear path along the pop/folk trail he is best known for. It rather more sounds like a ‚??lost‚?? album, and features 11 tracks recorded at home in Sheffield, UK and in Brooklyn, USA between 2003 and 2005 . Some tracks are vocal, some instrumental, but all have a very intimate feel, perhaps dictated somewhat by the stripped-down nature of the home-recording set-up. You still get a hint of the beautiful melodies that JWH is known for, but in their skeletal form they evoke less obvious comparisons, such as His Name is Alive, Chris Thompson and Songs:Ohia.

James William Hindle - acoustic guitar, bluegrass banjo, harp, percussion, vocals and some manipulated sounds.

Additional accordion is played by Jamie Crewe.